Tuesday, July 24

A week full of crazy

Every night when I arrive home to our little street, the air is filled with the wonderful noise of someone practicing their trombone. What a great instrument to play - you might not attract the ladies as much as a sax player, but to quote James Brown "That's a funny looking horn".

Monday night I called home to ask Mrs Richard if she wanted anything from Target. Halfway thru' reciting her list she screamed "Isobelle is licking my steak". Isobelle is our cat and rather than cover the steak Anne decided it was better to carry the steak into the bathroom as she checked the cupboards to see what we needed.

I wanted to go to Target because I love Arm & Hammer products. Their deodorant is wonderful and a bargain to boot. Sadly nobody seems to be carrying it, so I went with Ultra Dry Degree 'Men'. It's so obviously for 'Men' with its bold graphics and use of color, but I still like that they put 'Men' on there in case of doubt. Despite my line of work (brand management), I am pretty brand un-loyal (A&H aside). I chose Degree 'Men' because I recognized all of the other ones from ads. Who came up with Mitchum? That's just stupid.


Cut to Tuesday morning and I open up the new Ultra Dry Degree 'Men'. Embossed into the top of the deodorant was the call to action "Go For It!". Luckily for UDDM I wasn't contemplating organizing a mass suicide - that would have been awkward for the suits at Unilever if they were implicated in a modern day homage to Jonestown. Instead I rolled on the deo and decided to "Go For It" by sorting out my new passport.

My passport ran out a few weeks ago. So far, so lucky - no one in my immediate family (I'm from the UK) has required me to come back for an emergency. Call me vain, but the passport photo is one that stays with you for 10 years. My last one looked like a 26 year old convict, so this time around I wanted to look like a 36 year old parolee. Alas, same old problem - crazy hair, terrible shave and a couple too many chins. After 10 different poses it turns out I also have asymmetric eyes. Ah well, next time I'll be 46 and by then maybe I won't give a rat's ass.

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