Saturday, September 22

The Big E

Junk food, butter sculptures, big slides, fudge and crazy people. A normal day in Springfield, but for us city folk an annual extravaganza.

If you have not been there. Go.

Best Name Ever

America's Next Top Model is back, and it never disappoints.

Meet Spontaniouse. No sign of her sister 'N Stink-tiv but damn that's a great name.

"Mom, Dad, I'd like you meet the woman I hope to marry one day ... yes, I met her at a Harvard mixer"

Check out this clip, where Spontaniouse rags on Lisa for being a stripper. Your name is Spontaniouse for Christ's sake.

Thursday, September 20

Cheesy Beefy Melt

Damn these things are good. And only 500+ calories.

Would have loved to have been in the meeting at Taco Bell when some guy comes up with "I know, let's just stuff cheese and low grade beef in there."

Total genius.

Monday, September 3

Thanks to Norman Whitfield

Today is 'Papa was a Rollin' Stone' Day

Try and track down the original by The Undisputed Truth, but here's The Temptations wearing pink.

Sunday, September 2

A Day at the Fair

Our first video!

Today we headed into Western Mass., for some fun at the fair.

Musical assistance by Los Straitjackets