Sunday, October 21

Bolt Thrower

For the uninitiated, Bolt Thrower are a Death Metal band from England.

They are also my 'go to' obscure, yet funny band when questions surrounding music come up in conversation.

Who should we select for our first dance at the wedding? Bolt Thrower
Have you done a mix for tonight's dinner party? Bolt Thrower
What music did they play during your massage? Bolt Thrower
Who are you going to see tonight, dressed in a tuxedo? Bolt Thrower

To be clear. I don't own any Bolt Thrower records.

Metal of any variety just isn't my thing. Sure, once in a while I'll be on a road trip and find a metal marathon, and pump up Slayer for a few songs but I end up going back to my own private iPod mix.

So, what's the reason for this long and winding post?

I was at the gym yesterday, and my trainer turned on the radio. For the next 30 minutes it was up tempo hard rocking.

And I had the best work out ever.

This should not come as a surprise. I went to see Rocky VI, just for the uplifting few minutes of work out montage set to Bill Conti's orchestral dynamite.

Yes Team America, "Even Rocky had a montage".

I'm not an aggressive man. I don't growl, high five or say, "Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about", but 30 minutes of guitar feedback had me benching, lunging and pulling like a crazy bastard.

And in celebration of this, here are four minutes of Bolt Thrower magic.

Because in the wise words of Tyra Banks, "Bolt Thrower bring it."

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