Wednesday, October 31

Day 3 - Kansas City to Sioux City

Good Day Sir!
Apparently some of my videos are not playing. I'll write to You Tube when I get home.

Al Gore
He won the Nobel Peace Prize for raising consciousness regarding environmental issues specifically global warming. I'd like to nominate the Best Western north of Kansas City for their commitment to using only 15 watt light-bulbs in the 3 lamps they generously provided for my stay last night.

Central America
I'm thinking of the line from Television, the Drug of the Nation by The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy. "TV - Why most people think Central America means Kansas."

Old School Jams

Damn! I was listening to the R&B station on my way out of KC. Some cat was rapping about slow dancing with all the fine sisters. I imagine the aforementioned ladeez of KC are now pregnant. Because that's how virile that guy was - his seed floats through radio waves.

Largest Ball of String (not twine)

I get to see the twine later in the week. In a total life reversal I drove to this place expecting to be disappointed but ended up being pleasantly surprised. The ball is in an Irish bar in the twee little town of Weston, MO. Taking the word Irish out of the equation for a moment I did not expect the bar to open at 9am.

There are no signs anywhere for this World Record string. Then, as I swung the car around to leave, I stumbled upon a classic old time Main Street, resplendent with old ladies walking around in period costume.

It looked just like this but with a Dodge Charger mowing down the horse and carriage.

They also had a store called Old Geezers Mantiques.

Road Sign of the Day

Tracy or Beverly? Where I grew up, this was the standard choice on a cold Friday night outside the Rooftop Gardens and Casanova's Niteclub (Yorkshire's premier hot spot).

3 Days, 1 Road
Leaving KC I took the I-29. I'll still be on it when I hit North Dakota on Friday. This is the start of the long haul, and I saw my first State Trooper of the trip today.

I appreciate that the video repeats what I wrote, but I'll use any excuse to squeeze some NWA in. And look! Less than 80mph as I filmed that.

When Anne first visited England I met her at Manchester and drove her across the Pennines to where I lived. I asked Anne what she thought of my beautiful homeland.

She said it looked like Iowa. And 2 years later we were married.

More Tea Vicar?
South of Percival if you're interested.

This also documents my first steps in the glorious state of Iowa. Shortly before the truck demolished the stand.

Council Bluffs

Eastern terminus of the transcontinental railroad. It's a Golden Spike surrounded by small black ones.

Let me hear you say "Ho"
They have casinos in Council Bluffs. I went in the Harrah's and honestly, I could not tell if the uniforms were themed or just for Halloween. A few of the cocktail waitresses were dressed a little bit "ho-ish". Perhaps they're going to costume parties tonight?

Thanks Richard Cheese.

Omaha has a Mexican Consulate in one of it's residential neighborhoods. Odd.

Big Stamps in Boys Town

So here's another stupid thing to go see.

The location was even stranger.

On the outskirts of Omaha is a small town called Boys Town. They have their own school, police force etc. As I stumbled around looking for the big ball of stamps I became aware it was no ordinary town.

From the website:
Girls and Boys Town is America’s largest privately funded organization serving severely at-risk, abused, abandoned and neglected children. Good for them. I made a donation and headed for Sioux City.

Room with a View (my hotel)
Outside: I paid extra for that.

Inside: I expect the twins from The Shining to appear any moment.

And yes, that is a streak of red running down the center of the carpet.

When you're here you're family
Ate a delicious dinner at the Olive Garden tonight. Ironically there's a large Tuscan population in Sioux City. In the late 19th Century the city of Arezzo welcomed a group of Sioux Indians as part of a spice and grain fair. In the early 20th Century when Arezzo and Livorno hit hard times many of the city folk upped sticks and moved to Western Iowa. And that is a true story I just made up.

Tonight I had a smoked mozzarella fondue. The kid asked if wanted grated cheese on it. I declined.

Miss the Missus
Playing craps in the casino today. They played Come Fly with Me. Sadly it was the Michael Boob-lay version (Frank's rolling in his grave Michael). Anyhow. The song mentions Acapulco Bay - and that's our next vacation in December.

From last year's trip to Acapulco

Day 3 Stats

320 miles: Kansas City MO, to Weston MO, to Council Bluffs IA, to Omaha NE, to Sioux City IA

Top 5 songs of the day and why

Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Sellin' This Year); Supersuckers
Because they rocked so hard my socks fell off

Son of a Preacher Man; Dusty Springfield
No reason. Just a great song!

Itch u can't Skratch; Junior Senior
Danish bi-sexuals making Nebraska all the more exciting

Shakin' all over; Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
Iowa needs more shakin' (and Pirates)

Sabor a Mi; Isidro Lopez
I have approx. 17 versions of this song. Thankfully, this one has the most trombone in it.

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