Tuesday, October 16

Fans of poor decor with added Napoleon

This is the location of my 'work' here in Canada.

Ah well, at least in 6 hours I'll be on a plane going home.

Spoke to Anne earlier. She left the Marron 5 concert when they started covering a Phil Collins song. And that's all I have to say about that ...


Was a bit premature with the 6 hours.

I ended up getting back to the hotel after 3.30 am, and was awake at 6.15 to catch my flight home.

So I go and stand in line at passport control (you go thru' US security in Canada), and the guy in front of me is dressed as Napoleon.


I'm too tired to ask, and I'm not allowed to take pictures in the passport area.

After my passport is stamped, I see him at X-Ray, removing his knee high boots, un-buttoning his 20 button tunic and finally placing his big triangular hat on the conveyer belt.

Who goes through customs dressed like that? And where were the guys with the butterfly nets who should have been alerted when he escaped the asylum?

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