Monday, October 15

Oh! Canada (Day 2)

A sleepless night of dreaming the phone was ringing ensued. And the call never came.

Called the printer this morning. "Oh, the schedule has slipped back, it's going to be early evening before we start"

This presented a number of issues, none of which are really professional. Work-wise, this happens but ...

1. I didn't bring a change of clothes. I'd dressed fresh last night and figured I'd be home tonight, in time for a quick shower and

2. Then I'd planned to scoot down into Boston with Mrs T and watch The Hives (muttering under my breath, supporting Maroon 5)

3. I only booked one night in the Novotel

4. My $1,000+ flight to Toronto was due to return to Boston tonight.

So. 4 problems.

I started with the Novotel. Luckily it's the Radiohead of hotels - it will never sell out.

One down three to go.

Called the Mrs, and let her know the bad news about the Maroon Hives, which sounds like a painful STD. She's still going to go at time of writing. Love her for that!

Call Orbitz about my flight, and speak to Floyd, who without question possesses the worst accent I have ever heard. His mangled English/Indian/American accent sounds like a Jerky Boys character.

He asks me how my weekend was?

I have to deal direct with United, so I hop on the shuttle back to the airport.

The guy at the United desk is a consummate professional. By that I mean he is skilled and proficient, not a paid de-flowerer of brides.

Decide to go see the splendors of Toronto.

Toronto is quite plain. I was there for 2 hours, so my research is both qualitative and quantitative

Anyhow. I buy new underwear and a t-shirt so at least I'm fresh again!

While in downtown I stumble on a bar called Jack Astor's. Phonetically that sounds like Jackass Tours. This makes me giggle.

So now I'm back in the Novotel and still waiting for the call.

Turns out what I thought were mannequins staring at me are in fact big posters.

Maybe it's time to visit the Cadbury's vending machine again.

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