Tuesday, October 23

Say Cheese

So long Wisconsin, home of the Cheeseheads.

I was mistaken for Gordon Ramsay today. Not sure if it was the messy hair, well tailored jacket, British accent or just that I was cursing like a sailor under my breath. It certainly wasn't for my soufflé - because mine are terrible.

Next stop on today's magical tour is Denver, and from there - LA - home of women in Doors songs.

Los Angeles is currently on fire. The old lady sat next to me is piping on to her bored newspaper-reading husband that 1/2 million people have been displaced.

Of course I'm flying with Frontier Airlines, the most professional airline in the world, and I'm sure they are keeping fully abreast of the situation over there.

I already cannot wait to see the next season of 'Blow Out' to see how this disaster effects Jonathan Antin and his team of brave Beverly Hills hairdressers.

I overheard the following in the security line, from a man with an almost perfect Bond villain Russian accent.

"Yes, I'm on my way back to San Diego. 100 mph winds you say? They're looting? That's terrible. I'd shoot them on the spot"

I was in LA for the Rodney King riots, so don't talk to me about looting.

Maybe they're looting fire extinguishers?

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