Thursday, November 22


Not really a word, but it has crept into our vocabulary lately.

Anne came up with the wonderful idea of attending a pop culture exhibition last weekend in Framingham. It was full of retro TV memorabilia, plus some Star Wars crap. The TV stuff wasn't really relevant to me. I grew up in another country. Also I have not seen a single Star Wars movie - something I wear like a badge of honor.

Anne's reply was that the place would be filled with "blogworthy nutjobs".

I hit back with, "So is the Medford Stop & Shop".

as Batman would say if I secretly did watch those American TV shows! Medford being closer than Framingham we went grocery shopping. And sure enough before we even set foot inside the store, the trip was a montage of fun. Inman Square meth-heads, Somerville douchebag drivers, and old white ladies dressed like Flava Flav. Once inside ... so many questions.

• Why do tool guys think it is OK to walk in front of my moving shopping cart?
• Why does a High School drop out think she can pack groceries better than me?
• Why is there always a line of check cashers at the bank on a Sunday morning?
• Why do all shopping carts now have to have coffee cup holders?
• Why haven't Ben & Jerry come out with a new flavor in 2 months?
• Why is organic product still a 'store within a store'?
• Do we really need a whole aisle of Christmas theme 5lb bags of M&Ms?
• Why does the person manning the 'self check out' area always seem to be worse than me at scanning problematical bar codes?

I'm done. Grumpy Old man I know. I'd prefer to be Jack Lemmon over Walter Matthau, and my wife is actually called Ann(e) Margaret.

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