Thursday, November 1

Day 4 - Sioux City to Wahpeton

Krazy Kids
This morning had more drama than a James Lipton heroin intervention. I noticed a guy talking to a couple of old ladies next to my parked car.
"Here's another lucky guy",
he said as I approached.
Turns out the guy's back tires were slashed last night.
"It was Halloween", offered one of the old dears, as if that condones the action of the little Iowan toolboxes.

Before and after, and an unrelated related tire photo from today.

My Cousin Vinny
As I shot the photo of the poor man's jacked up car, I heard the hoot of a train passing thru'. 10 minutes later it was still passing thru'

No big problem you might say, but the same thing happened six hours earlier at 3.30am. Thanks again Best Western.

Lewis & Clark
Sometimes I use the video camera to record my thoughts. I also say fuck too much. Sorry.

Maybe Next Time?
Did not have time to go here, but I saw the sign. The Corn Palace. As the name suggests, it's a palace made of corn. I'm informed it is a-maize-ing. See what I did there?

Mr Muffler
I could photograph this stuff all day long.

Coffee Break

I stopped for a coffee, and to listen to Starbucks' collection of Annie Lennox and Genesis records. This one was a Drive-Thru. At one stage, I could hear a cute German Shepherd* barking from the car, as the owner picked up coffee. I'd like think he was barking "Skinny, mocha de-caf latte with Sweet 'n Low, Christ my owner is such a douche bag."
* The dog, not a man named Hans who looks after sheep.

Sioux Me
Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Sioux Center, Little Sioux ... yet to see this one.

Go Right for the Mass Pike
I was distracted by the I-90 when a 1,000 clicks came up on the old odometer.

If I turned right, I could drive home all the way to Boston. Only 1,600 miles.

Sigur Rós sing Gong Endir
On a country road this was the first time I felt lonely.

Icelandic dudes warbling in their own made up language may seem miles removed from South Dakota, but it was a mind-blowing moment of how far away from home I was. Nothing but flatlands for miles in every direction. No people, no cars, no buildings. Just fields of corn. Then Firestarter by The Prodigy came on, and my epiphany was ended.

Oh That's Just a Bummer

Supposedly the World's Largest Hair-Ball, and a Shoe Museum rolled into one. But I guess we'll never know.

Now with Extra Bummer

Roslyn is a tiny village with an International Vinegar Museum.

It was closed, as was the whole of the town. Help from The Specials.

I cannot get Roslyn out of my mind. It's 15 miles from anywhere. The whole town is 3 blocks by 6, and the houses have all seen better days. There's no rich guys living there. They have a Post Office, a Lutheran church and one store (closed). You feel everyone knows each other.

Longest Day
Being an idiot, I had to travel South again to get to my hotel. Screw that. Perhaps overcome with corn fumes I decided that I was not going to be a slave to my schedule (after getting Anne's permission). I kept on heading north to the other Dakota (not Fanning).

I landed in Wahpeton, ND on the border with Minnesota. Went to WalMart for dinner. I realized that when I visited the WalMart in Bentonville, AR there was no greeter. I guess when WalMart built the town you don't get welcomed to it?

Miss the Missus
This morning I almost choked on my big-ass multi-vitamin. It would totally blow if I was to die alone, taking a supplement designed to make me live longer. Anne would be super pissed to fly out here to pick up my dead body.

Anne surrounded by crap in our kitchen back in England.

Day 4 Stats
370 miles: Sioux City IA into South Dakota; Sioux Falls to Watertown to Webster to Roslyn to Sisseton, and ending in Wahpeton, North Dakota

Top 5 songs of the day and why

Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want; The Smiths
Perfect song to leave glitzy Sioux City

A Child With The Blues; Erykah Badu
First song after Starbucks.

Feeling Good; Nina Simone
Nina was buzzing along when like a Hitchcock movie, a flock of crazy birds flew into the road, freaking me out.

I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You; Tom Waits
Playing as I pulled up to the Vinegar Museum

Standing in the Way of Control; The Gossip
Beth Ditto screaming in my ears as I enter my 7th new state of the week

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