Saturday, November 3

Day 6 - Going home

Thanks American Airlines. You canceled my flight. Now I won't get home until this evening.

Nice Nuts
Bought these on Monday, still hadn't finished them by Saturday.

Time to go Home
I went to Chaska Post Office to mail the items I couldn't take on the plane. Razors, scissors, air-horns, antique stool samples etc. etc. The polite woman who served me, looked at my envelope and said, "Hey, my Dad worked in Cambridge - he was the first black patrolman there in the 1950s." I swear this woman was paler than me. And I'm pale.

Same thing in the airport a few hours later. My waitress used to live on Boylston. Now she serves 8,000 calorie brownies to unsuspecting travelers.

Hello Senator

For those unfamiliar click here. Here's the bathroom. In case you are curious, once inside it's the 8th stall of nine.

Be patient with your parents
Preparing to fly from Minneapolis to Chicago. The woman in front of me was talking to her mom on her cell phone. I only heard her side of the conversation, but I got the picture.

I'm flying from Chicago to London.
They're 5 hours ahead.
Yes 6 hours ahead of Chicago, but you live in Long Island, and that's only 5 hours.
They changed their clocks last week.
Yes, I know we are changing ours tonight.
I don't know why they do theirs at a different time.
Yes it's confusing mom.
No I'll call you in the morning.
Your morning, my afternoon.
I'll be 5 hours ahead.
Yes, even with the clocks changing.

Extra stuff I never got round to writing or posting ...

Scariest moment of the trip
was in Arkansas. I was looking for the town of Zinc on my KKK search, and I turned down a country lane to Pyatt. I crossed a one lane bridge, over derelict train tracks (even Scooby Doo wouldn't have done this), and ended up in the middle of two dusty connecting streets of trailer homes. Everyone watched as I did a 3 point turn in my Illinois plated $25k rental car. Didn't stop to say hi.

We need more of these
A building shaped like a boat.

If you have to ask
You don't want to know.

Guess Who?

Guess What?
It's part of the Berlin wall turned into some nut-job religious artifact.

and they had a gift shop.

College Girls gone mild
A colleague went to college in Missouri. Here's a less than outrageous photo of her sorority building.

Serenity Now
More Precious moments

You should have seen the size of the net

Frenzy of Birds

If ever you find yourself in Webster, SD
(Between the months of May and October)

I don't care for country music.
With a few exceptions, 1975 is the cut off point for the good stuff, but out on the open road I got a sense for why it exists. Perhaps it could be quarantined so that only people within a 2 mile radius of a farm can listen to it?

No animation
How about an old time map with an animated red line moving past the places I visited? Unfortunately I'm just not that good. Click on the map to see an enlarged version of how I racked up 1,565 miles.

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