Monday, November 26

(Picture Free) Crazy Weekend Round Up

Friday: Went to the Post Office to mail some packages. The old lady behind the counter looked so glum, you'd think she'd won tickets to a Celine Dion concert.

It became my mission to make her smile, and as she stamped each of the five Customs slips her discontent grew.

Finally she said, "I'm such a jerk"
"Why?", I replied.
"I should have taken today off. I don't work weekends, Mondays or Tuesdays. I could have had a whole 6 days off."

I cajoled her with how good she was stamping my packages (not as patronizing as it sounds), she told me how impressed she was that I had Christmas stuff out of the way. Before you knew it we were metaphorically clinking cocktail glasses and her sullen depressing gloom was temporarily lifted.

Sunday: I could write something about each weekly trip we make to the supermarket. Overheard in the cereal aisle, "Organic. What do you think they mean by that?"

On our way out of the store we bumped into a familiar looking old woman. It was Post Office lady! She looked how you appear just before they shave off your hair in preparation for the electric chair. Didn't get a smile from her this time round. Bummer.

On our ride home we went down Butt-Nut Lane a.k.a, Springfield St. Somerville. These are the clowns who light up the street at Christmas like it's the runway at Logan. November 25 and the trailer sized manger is out already. I made a baby Jesus quip to Anne who pointed out that you "Don't put the baby in until Christmas."

I imagined the sheep saying "So we have to hang around for a whole month in this m-effing weather? Damn!", (one of the sheep was black). Actually, one of the shepherd/kings looked a lot like Bootsy Collins too, regaled in finest purple. I love Bootsy although his Christmas album is one of the worst I've ever heard (although not quite as bad as Billy Idol's).

Sunday night finished with a trip to Target. I went silly buying portable compartment dividers for my car - Christ I'm aging by the minute. Our trip was made all the brighter by an old curmudgeon plodding up and down the aisles looking to pick a fight with anyone who would listen to her profanity strewn voice. Love that.

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