Wednesday, December 5

God Bless America(n Airlines)

I e-mailed American a few days ago. I wanted to know if I my parents in England could use an AA gift card.

First mail I received was an automated one.

Could they kiss my ass any more? Kiss ass comments in bold.
Bold Italic text demonstrates why automated mails are stupid.

Dear Mr. Taylor:

Thank you for sending us such nice sentiments via our American Airlines Customer Relations online form. Positive feedback means a lot to us as it helps us pinpoint areas of our service where we excel so we can improve our overall service.

Again, thank you. We regard every contact from a customer as a welcome opportunity to listen and learn. It is a privilege to have you as an American Airlines customer.

As the holiday season fast approaches, we begin to think about spending treasured time with friends, loved ones and .... shopping| For a very special holiday gift, you may want to consider the gift of travel. Check out our holiday gift cards at:

That's right, my mail requesting information about gift cards garnered an automated response suggesting a gift card.

The 2nd mail ...

3 paragraphs copied and pasted from the website i.e not written by Customer Service. And then: ... I'm sorry that your parent's will not be able to utilize the gift cards since they live in the UK.

Sorry to be the grammar police but parents should not have an apostrophe.

All things considered I still like American Airlines, and will carry on using them. The 2nd e-mail was from: Dixie L. Hoopes

How can you dislike a company that employs Dixie L. Hoopes?

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