Tuesday, December 18

Sexy Eyes!

Sometimes it's right under your nose, or in the case of Sexy Eyes right above it.

As a fan of all that is kitsch, I'm super impressed when something transcends ironic cool and just becomes stand alone great.

Today that very thing happened.

Sexy Eyes came on my iPod. The Tom Jones version.

Here's the deal. First time I listened it was just your typical 70's white soul shakedown. A touch of wah-wah guitar and a tin-muted trumpet. But after repeated listening it became apparent that this is no poor man's cover of the Dr. Hook (ahem) classic.

The opening lines are:

I was sitting all alone, watching people get it on, with each other. They were dancin' 'cross the floor, turning movement back and forth, they were lovers. No more lonely nights for me, I looked up, what did I see?

Worthy of Shakespeare, but anyone can read great lines. However. It takes a special talent to deliver these lines with a sexual panache so great that Planned Parenthood are paying overtime (wo)manning the phones. Across the land, disco ladies are mysteriously getting knocked up.

Tom's voice is more suggestive than a suggestion box in a Nike Bangladeshi sweatshop.

The clip below is audio only. Because anything more would set the internet on fire. And that would spoil it for everyone. Wouldn't it?

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