Sunday, December 16

Supermarket Weep

Regular as clockwork I had another supermarket event today. It's snowing like a bastard, so we decided to walk to our local Whole Foods.

At check out we handed our environmentally friendly bags to the bagging guy.

Now there is a difference between a Stop & Shop/Shaw's bagger and a Whole Foods bagger. It's probably a partial credit on a Political Science degree and $1.50 an hour more, but they both know dick about bagging groceries.

So I'm splitting bagging duties with the Harvard drop-out and he grabs my bag and RE-bags it!

I don't proclaim to be good at many things (although parallel parking and mini golf spring to mind), but one thing I do have is excellent spacial awareness. I can bag groceries in my sleep.

The result is that Anne's carrots were crushed (which is odd because she doesn't really like them). Meanwhile the dread-locked middle class quasi-lib will be oblivious of the vegetable damage he created as he smokes weed in his Central Square bed-sit tonight.

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