Friday, January 11

Dear Mr. Spuds ...

I've worked on the North Shore for 7 years and I've driven past this crappy looking restaurant (it's opposite a Market Basket) dozens of times.

Just before Christmas, my colleague and some time dining companion Laura suggested we check out Spuds. What a delight! Who doesn't love Seniors? And this place is full of them.

Walking through the restaurant, we stepped to one side for a passing old lady using a walker, our bouffant laden maitre d told us to hurry up!

The food was plentiful. Big bowl of pasta and 2 solid chunks of chicken parm for only $6.99. What a bargain.

We've been a few times since with the sincere hope of being recognized as 'regulars'.

Cut to this week. Wednesday night is bad TV night. Before the TV begins I often go to dinner with my TV watching companion. Last Wednesday's plan revolved around a visit to Spuds II. Although not a chain, Spuds do have 4 North Shore locations.

With 2 locations under our belts, it is now clear that one of their main marketing drives is "No tables ... just booths!".

Think I'm going to visit all 4 locations? You betchya!

Once done I will write to Mr. Spuds and request a commemorative windbreaker or at the very least a keychain.

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