Tuesday, January 29

Don't tell me to calm down

In trying to gain a better understanding of my own characteristics and psyche, I'm paying more attention to those around me. Whether I see flaws or fantastic attributes, the idea is to use these observations positively. However, I must try harder because recently I seem to have a (mostly unconscious) desire to pick at other people's problems.

It transcends all communication; everyday transactions, phone calls, interaction at work and with friends, but my biggest failing is picking apart e-mail messages.

I'm tired of run-ins and I've felt like a metaphorical match collector recently. Using the matches to burn bridges.

I dislike duplicity. Specifically when someone tells me to stop doing something, and then proceeds to do the very thing they chastised me for.

It nearly always goes hand in hand with a passive aggressive threat, a great example of which is the "opposite of what I am saying true-ism"


Don't take this the wrong way
Believe me
I'm not being funny but
I don't need to remind you
To be honest
Let me put this into perspective

It doesn't take Sherlock, (shit even that dumb-ass Watson could work it out) to realize that these statements are pre-cursors to dickishness.

Sadly it begins to take hold of your decision making process.

A simple compliment turns into "Ooh, what did he/she mean by that?"

"Can I help you?"
translates to "What the hell are you doing?"

I envy people who can always be the same version of themselves at all times, but unfortunately this often means I cringe when they give their honest assessment of a situation.

Maybe I'm up in my own head, or perhaps I should stick close to people I really like, but I refuse to do that. Instead I keep watching, trying not to judge (who am I kidding!), but mostly I try to, not lose my shit, when someone tells me to calm down.

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