Friday, January 4

Hot Damn

I'm back in LA, and tonight was a treat.

My colleagues and I went to the kitschy delight that is Stevens Steak House. Eli the maitre d greets you, and he's a bone fide wise guy. Once inside, the decor is Long Island Italian; all very rococo. But there was a salsa dancing class going on - with no music, but plenty of ladies dressed for success and guys with "mucho" gel in their hair. Later on the music kicked in and it was all bongo and flute action for half the night.

Our waitress took a shine to me. She looked like Amy Winehouse's older latina sister, and she was dressed in a French maid's dress. When I ordered the Mexican steak, she purred with delight.

Check out their website, and turn up your sound. Each page has a different crooner, and Dean Martin has the home page. Love that!

Factor in José, our latin cocktail barman from last night, who wore a pompadour that Elvis would be proud of, and this trip is turning into a zinger.

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