Friday, January 25

Let's work it out

I was relaxing in the bathtub tonight doing the crossword in Bust Magazine ... the magazine for women who find Bitch Magazine a bit too feminist.

37 Down - Medieval Holy Wars

Answer is Crusades and that reminded me of the knob cheese in the glasses store the other week. Anne had been for an eye exam and was choosing new sunglasses. The guy kept offering her ridiculous choices and she would turn to me waiting for a reaction. I have a face that says "no".

One pair looked good but had a strange metal logo on the side. When I asked what it was, the tight-trousered assistant replied, "It's their logo, it's a sword from the Crusades". Now what a pair of designer sunglasses has to do with the Knights Templar I have no idea, but we were in Harvard so perhaps the guy was studying History?

But as I kept saying "no", I got the feeling 'the guy' was getting more and more pissed at me, slowly revving up the passive aggressive comments.

To him I was the pain-in-the-ass husband sipping a Peet's latte extolling my knowledge of Suleiman, the Great Turkish marauder of the 16th Century.

Wankerish? Oh yes! But I figured I knew more about the Ottaman Empire than he did, and sho'nuff he went back to hawking overly expensive frames to my better half.

In the end she chose the sword logo'd shades, so I guess he won.

Back to my crossword ... 41 across - Please Mr BoomBox singer

Think it might be Lady Tigra.

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