Sunday, January 13

Oye Como Va

As travelers of international note and taste, we know that Lake Como is twinned with it's namesake crooner Perry (the poor man's Bing Crosby).

Tired of staying in a string of business hotels, I'm searching for an apartment to stay while in Italy. I found this place, The Peacock Suites, and it must be a scam? When something seems too good to be true...

Beautiful big spacious apartments, but no reviews anywhere on the internet. The holding company appear to be linked to Capella Hotels who are an ultra chic boutique hotel company, but I'm always wary when a website says they accept cash and Western Union transfers.

They even offer to pick you up at the airport. Bogus!

A DC (202) number is listed, but upon calling I got some faux classical music followed by an answer machine.

I apologize to Peacock Suites if they are legit, but guys you might want to create an e-trail in this age of ├╝ber-cyber-crime.

As a true sucker for punishment I'm trying to combine the trip with a parental visit, plus side stops to visit friends in Paris and the Isle of Wight. I spent all afternoon trawling through the schedules of the low-cost Euro airlines. Weighing up low price Bergamo with convenient yet expensive Milan. Who the fuck flies from Lombardy to Bournemouth on a Saturday afternoon? I do.

Looking forward to returning to Italy. Great place, spoiled only by Italians.

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