Thursday, January 10

Tampons for Kenya!

I was watching 'Crowned' - the worst (read: best) show on TV, where beauty queens are coupled with their very own mentally-abusive over-bearing superficial mothers, in a contest to become pageant winners.

Last night the losing pair had just been de-sashed with the over-sized shiny scissors and the show went to commercial. As I sat patiently for the "Next Week" on Crowned segment, an ad caught my eye.

Girls in Africa miss whole days at school when their menstrual cycles begin because they don't have any tampons.

Now interestingly I have a whole cupboard full of tampons at work. We have a client who markets them, and we end up with a ton of samples. Where's the client who makes chocolate?

So, today I googled "High Schools in Kenya", chose one, found the address, wrote a letter, and tomorrow I will swing by the Post Office.

Charity. It begins at home.

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