Friday, February 22


Sadly not Super DJ Dmitri of 90's NYC Dance Collective Deee-Lite. Who you may recall believed that Groove was to be found in the Heart.

The Dmitri I refer to was my (blue-tooth ear-piece enabled) taxi driver last night. This Dmitri hailed from Lebanon, and to pass the time we enjoyed a nice little chat.

He asked me what I thought of the Middle East. I held back from saying that the sound is never any good, but I enjoyed the Dick Dale show a few years back. Turns out he was talking about the troubled hotspot at the right end of the Mediterranean and not the club in Cambridge.

His pearls of wisdom included:
Sunni Muslims - Bad Guys
Shia Muslims - Great Guys
Israelis or Syrians - Both pains in the ass for different reasons
Hezbollah - Get a bad press. Dig the Christians in Beirut
Turks - Don't trust 'em

Beats talking about the weather.

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