Monday, February 18

Double Chin!

I finally went to see Atonement this afternoon.

Chin #1
I'm not a fan of the large chinned Keira Knightley but she does OK, although she is the weakest of the cast in my opinion.

Chin #2
This one's a pretentious chin stroker. There's a five minute tracking shot of Dunkirk halfway through the movie that blows the rest of the picture away. In one single take the director demonstrates the scale, gravity, pathos, emotion and recklessness of the retreat that became the cornerstone of the British people's spirit during WWII.

To be clear, it's way better than Martin Scorsese's "Goodfellas", Jean-Luc Godard's "Week End", Orson Welles' "Touch of Evil" and any other tracking shot your wanker film school/movie buff friends might name drop.

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