Tuesday, February 26


My car doors are shit. In fact they're the Ray Manzarek of car Doors.

Tonight I'd parked, unplugged the iPod, turned off the cell phone, and opened the door. As I closed it shut; bang, thud, wallop and any other Batman style onomatopoeia you might recall.

The door was stuck on locked and would not close (no matter how hard I slammed it).

It's snowing like a bastard and I was in a hurry because we needed to take Isobelle The Cat to the vet tonight.

But the door would not close.

Cursing my luck as the alarm went off, I let out a small expletive just as my polite Korean neighbor walked past. Great!

I ran inside the house for a flashlight to find Anne looking under the bed trying to cajole kitten into her purple carrier. I ventured back to the damn Saab.

Handyman that I am, I worked out the problem and fixed it. Christ I should get a show on cable. Hustled back inside to find Anne scooping Iso into her carrier and off we went to the Cat Hospital.

To soothe both myself and the stressed kitten I played some old Tom Waits. It worked for me but Isobelle wasn't too impressed. Then again, I wasn't getting a rabies shot or a finger up my ass tonight (it is Tuesday isn't it?).

Our wonderful vet and part-time Aimee Mann lookalike was happy to inform us that all is well in Isobelle's nether regions. So we have that going for us ...

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