Thursday, February 7


I was enjoying a quiet beer with a colleague on Tuesday, when a nutty old lady walked up to our table and asked if she could join us. I'll always say yes, but ordinarily I would make an excuse to divert conversation away. Not this time. She had a large glass of Creme de Menthe in hand. Who doesn't love green drinks?

She told us it was her first night of freedom in 2 months. Jail, Rehab, Witness Protection? None of the above. She'd broken her left elbow in 4 places and had been housebound and told not to drive. To me you don't need your left arm to drive, but what do I know? And it seemed like a comedy break. I imagined a huge connecting rod attached to her waist keeping the elbow joint in place.

Minutes flew by as she discussed the merits of working in Geneva, overdoing opiates and driving through Normandy. Finally she buggered off to talk to someone else, and our night went back to normality, discussing the wonderment of chili cheese fries, the undeniably tight pants of our server and the problem with pdf workflows.

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