Saturday, February 16

On Any Given Saturday

I have a Saturday routine that usually ends with me stopping for coffee in my neighborhood. I bitched about this place before, and today was no exception. Standing in line for my $4 coffee the next people to be served were a Cambridge classic. Middle aged rich mother with her adopted black kid (which was ratified during the 2 minutes I waited).

Anyhow. The server guy starts making the order and compliments the kid on his 'Finland' shirt. The mom mentions that a friend was just there and brought the shirt back as a gift.

Server guy (scraggly beard, ironic t-shirt, crazy frames, shit tatts ... need I go on) awkwardly tells a story about his 'black' friend who lived in Tampere, Finland and was a pro footballer.

At the back end of the story, mom's friend shows up and asks about the shirt too. Cambridge mom says, "Yeah, I have no clue what it means, I think it means hello or something."

The shirt said, Suomi.

Suomi is what Finnish people call their country. Like Hellas, Nippon and Helvetia. Now maybe not everyone knows that. But if your friend brings a shirt back from Finland wouldn't you ask what Suomi meant? What if it was a Scandinavian colloquialism for twatbucket?

On second thoughts - what a great idea. Kids wearing shirts with offensive comments in Uralic languages.

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