Saturday, March 8

Anyone sitting there?

More Friday night shenanigans ...

We took a small plane from London to Leeds. We've flown on an Embraer jet a few times, and know what to expect – a 1 and 2 seat configuration.

Friday night's flight had approx. 8 passengers. At check in we were told to sit on the back row for 'load balancing'. First problem was the flight attendant stood in the aisle right next to our seat. I guess it is protocol to stand there, but come on, we're trying to get settled in and there were only a handful of folk on the plane.

But as the door was closed, she proceeded to pull down an extra seat that faced down the aisle, essentially creating a 4 seat back row. I felt like a retarded nervous first time flier. In case of emergency I would have been trapped in. Which would suck considering how few people were on the flight.

So there I was. Taking off with Anne to my right and attendant to the left. We didn't crash (evidently) but it was still a shaky flight. The offending extra seat is quite poorly shown. It's hard to take a passive aggressive photo on an airplane.

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