Tuesday, March 11

Grave Concern

We passed the local cemetery in the village where my family lives today. Anne swore she saw a floral tribute that said "HATE". Upon closer inspection the word spelled out was "MATE"
But as we walked around the new graves, a whole host of craziness popped out at us. With all due respect to those who passed away (but with much less to those who decorate their memory), we saw the following.

Al Jolson in black face? Why not add "Here lies a racist?"

A cat, cocktail, butterflies and endless tat.

As my mum said. "If anyone does that to me, I'll come back and haunt them."

Finally, these photos also show that despite the weather forecasts, we were not hit with a hurricane today. Meteorologist - I think it derives from the Greek for plankton.

We also canceled Monday plans because of the weather - and lo and behold it was sunny. Tonight and tomorrow (when we fly to Milan) will be bad however.

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