Sunday, March 23

It was terrible 20 years ago ...

Another video project from college. All we had was a Fairlight machine that let us do some blue screen and dub an extra sound channel.

Just short of 10 minutes and not so good. It might be 'bad' good, but I'm not even sure about that. We were all Bond fans and wanted to highlight the clich├ęs of the genre. Hence.
Dancing crazy woman titles (but no love scene because nobody was available); Asian baddie with fake facial hair and comedy eye patch; A muscle car chase featuring the 'vehicle of the moment' the Sinclair C5.

Throw in awful sound effects, men in drag, a Yorkshire accented Bond picking his nose, and badly dubbed one liners and you are left with ... disappointment.

I have a Hitchcock style cameo, but was behind the camera most of the time. The stunt man edits were supposed to be bad, but looking back they are probably the best. And let's not talk continuity.

I took this tape to a college that I hoped to attend. Amazingly the woman I met with watched about 8 minutes of it! She finally stopped the tape when the overdubbed car screeches morphed into laughs.

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