Monday, March 10

Kids love Mis-Shaped Bisciuits

We went to Haworth on Sunday. Home of the Brontë Family with a pretentious umlaut over the "e". Being well educated and from this part of the world it stands to reason I have an encyclopedic knowledge of their works. Sadly, I've never read one of their books, an issue I will aim to resolve in the coming months. The missus being an English Major has read all of them! Smart-ass that one ...

Anyhow. My favorite moment came outside the Parsonage where they resided (before their inappropriately early deaths). The High Street is full of B&B's, sweet shops (candy stores) and bakeries.

They might be mis-shaped but they still taste great. And those two little bastards would not stop running around like deranged miniature monkeys.

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