Thursday, March 20

Nothing to do with Scrabble

I was in London on Monday, crossing the busy Tottenham Court Road. I noticed 3 thugs walking down the street, and further down a 'Parking Enforcement Officer' was writing down license plate numbers.

As the guys got closer to Mr Parking, one of them walked straight up to him, and standing about 6 inches from his face, said just one word.

It was the "C" word, and I ain't talking cancer.

He then re-joined his friends and carried on walking down the street, towards Heals (for those with London know-how).

I was going to Barclays Bank to use the ATM. However the machines were down. I hopped inside the bank and joined a line (or queue if you please). Everyone had the same idea and I stood there for 25 minutes waiting. At this point a young customer service rep with a cheap suit and even crumbier tie announced "The ATMs have been working for the last 10 minutes". We all inwardly sighed, except one lone voice at the back of the line. He shouted "Wanker". As I turned I was delighted to see it was the same guy who had dropped the C-Bomb only 30 minutes earlier.

What a great technique. Just stating your thoughts in one word expletive bursts. Home of Dickens and Shakespeare you know ...

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