Saturday, March 29

Tough Guy Alert

I had an altercation this evening in the Whole Foods parking Lot. We were pulling into the lot and stopped behind one of those asinine PT Cruisers. That should have been my warning, but it was Anne who realized first that the car had stopped for no good reason. Maneuvering around them, we both starred at the driver and his passenger, who looked on in bemused fashion.

Having found a space and got out of our car we noticed the PT idiots had now inched down to an even more stupid place to stop, oblivious of the traffic they were causing behind them. We overheard the passenger explaining to a passer-by that they were lost. (No shit! Unless you are looking for Whole Foods). Meanwhile the driver (remembering me as the guy who had mouthed "douche" at him 45 seconds earlier) had the audacity to give me the eye.

As I walked by I shouted "Did you lose your turn signal?" In print that sounds lame, but I pulled it off with a certain amount of attitude. I would not usually get into any kind of ruckus. I'm not the toughest of guys. But I'm also good at Math, and anyone with a passing knowledge of statistics knows that the chances of having your ass kicked by a PT Cruising rim-job in Whole Foods are close to zero.

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