Monday, March 31

Yakety Yak

I've been listening to the Coasters this past week. They have a song on the Death Proof soundtrack that I really like called Down In Mexico.

15 years ago I did a huge 'arts & craft' project for some woman named Anne, who I was trying to woo. Back then we listened to music on something called cassettes. I did a mix tape that consisted of 26 songs, sequenced to begin with each letter of the alphabet. My 'Z' choice was 'Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart', by ... you guessed it, The Coasters.

They also sing Yakety Yak, which I detest. Over the years it has been used as a theme tune for a bunch of 'current affairs' type shows (mainly because its opening line is Take out the papers ..)

However this week it has been the theme tune to Isobelle the Cat, who is Yakety Yakking all over the house at impossibly stupid times of the night. We are awakened by the sound of her throat reflex, which gives us approx. 3 seconds to push her off the bed and onto the wooden floor (easier to clean). Post spew, she looks at us with doughy eyes and then goes back to sleep. Despite sleep deprivation, I still love that cat.

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