Saturday, April 26

!!! Danger !!! with added exclamation

Anne and I went to New Hampshire this weekend to celebrate 12 years of wonderful marriage. Rewind to Christmas of last year, and Anne's gift to me was a zip-line trip. I guess the few times it has featured on Amazing Race I've always said it looks like fun. So this weekend we found out.

At base camp, they deck you out in helmet, ropes and carabiner. "Eye of the Tiger" plays as you check all of your kit. It's vaguely ridiculous but at least it helps deflect any nervous tension filling the room. I struggled to get the helmet on my over-sized head, and I regretted wearing the jeans with the torn crotch once the metal loop started clunking around down there. We are reminded several times to remove clunky objects from our pockets - because if you hit a tree it will add to your injury. Great! They also ask you to fasten your shoes real tight. WTF? Are we being hit by a truck?

All of the guides are your typical super-rad 20 somethings. They snowboard in the winter and zipline in the summer. We all aboard the less than ripped minibus that will take us to the action packed mountain. We then get on some crazy 6-wheel-drive army truck that drags us bumpily (my made up word of the day) and dustily up the mountain.

Then, after a quick set of do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts), we are off. The harness sits pretty snuggly between the legs - not a great feeling for the fellas, but by now I'm thinking I'd rather be neutered than killed by a long fall.

There were 4 other people in our group. The 2 people from Newburyport seemed like swingers to me, but I say that about everyone from there.

The intrepid Anne went first followed by me ...

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