Sunday, April 20

New Fave Snack

The boffins at Quaker caught my eye this weekend with this wonderful delight.

Oatmeal to Go (thanks for abstaining from using an exclamation point) is the brand; Raspberry Streusel is the flavor.

Now, I had an idea what Streusel meant, but I looked it up anyway. In German it means "something scattered or sprinkled".

Damn these things are good. Obviously there's an absence of actual raspberries, otherwise I would currently be vomiting. There's lots of High fructose corn syrup, which somewhat like butter and MSG is bad for you but makes things tasty.

Apparently you can nuke these things for 10 seconds and enjoy them hot. However, much like Pop Tarts, I have neither the time nor inclination to wait that long.

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