Friday, April 25

One Piece at a Time

I've had my Saab 4 years.

This thing drives like a dream. It's fast out of the blocks and handles well during the few occasions (per day) that I speed on the highway.

However, the build of the car is an utter disaster. A list of things that have broken or fallen off. Air Vent, Cup Holder (twice), Hood Release, Key Fob, Security Alarm, The Saab Emblem on the Hood and The Saab Emblem on the Trunk, The Lining around the Auto Gearbox, the Carpet Lining in the Trunk, Floor mats, the Ashtray.

And today the tiny piece of plastic that controls the Treble level on the stereo came off in my hand.

I think it was Renegade Soundwave who sang that "Women Respond to Bass". On that assessment, perhaps "Men Respond to Treble", but come on, I've maybe adjusted the treble level 10 times in 4 years.

I might keep the car for a few more years, so should I get these cosmetic items fixed? I don't really need a plastic treble knob (terrible name for a dildo by the way), an ashtray or a cup holder, but it's embarrassing when people ride in my car.

I've also had a rattle in the back for a month or two. I took it in on April 1st, and maybe they thought it was a prank, but they couldn't find anything. I'm going in again this week, maybe they'll throw in a complimentary cup holder ...

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