Sunday, April 27

Tiger Feet

The first record bought for me, at the tender age of 3, was this absolute monstrosity by the band Mud (I guess Shit was already taken).

WARNING: Terrible segue coming up.

Today, at a spa in New Hampshire, I was once again disappointed by Mud.

For her birthday last year, I got Anne a mud wrap treatment and she hated it. She likened it to wearing a massive diaper, and then being hosed down like a concentration camp victim.

Now. Diff'rent strokes, for diff'rent folks. To me this sounded like fun, so I was disappointed when I saw the mud room at the spa today. I was asked to lay down on what can only be described as a human size piece of tin foil. I was caked in the volcanic mud and then wrapped up and left to set for 20 minutes.

After a shower (the best part thanks to the numerous additional jets), I was lathered in Arnica lotion. I guess it was OK, but the adult diaper would have been far better than the awkward dance-of-the-towels the masseur did to maintain my modesty. Think I'll go for the hot stoning next time.

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