Friday, May 16


Grab a handful of small stones and drop them into an empty coffee can. Shake profusely.

That's what my car sounds like in the back seat. The guys at the Saab garage have looked twice and cannot seem to duplicate the noise. "It would be a waste of our time and your money", they said.


So today I went to a local garage. Kind and considerate when I dropped the car off, they called me at 3pm this afternoon. "What was the noise again?"

This should have been my red flag, but they assured me that the noise would be fixed by replacing the "blah blah blah ..."

5pm at the garage, I collect the car and they present me with the bill. Instead of gasping for air, I present my credit card and say, "I just hope it has stopped rattling".

"Oh, we took care of it Mr Taylor, don't you worry", is their response.

5 minutes later it sounds like Jack Costanzo & his Afro-Cuban Band are playing on my back seat - and it's maracas solo night.

This week we received the amazing $600 economic-stimulus-tax-refund from our brain-dead President.

Take that $600 and minus the pointless bill I just got from the garage.

49¢ left.

Mechanics and Presidents. Fucking useless monkeys.

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