Sunday, May 18

Death becomes us all

It was the 10th anniversary of Sinatra's death earlier this week. Whether singing, acting, or just being, Frank remains the epitome of cool - with the possible exception of the awful My Way.

To the English speakers of the world Claude Fran├žois is famous for writing Comme D'Habitude, which Paul Anka turned into My Way.

However in the 1970s, Claude transposed the idea and turned several English speaking hits into French pop masterpieces. He became a disco king, a talent spotter, and even started his own modeling agency. Check out this video of him singing on a variety show with a ventriloquist's dummy.

If you enjoyed that, then click on this link to watch him singing on a swing with an underage Jodie Foster.

Unfortunately Claude died a comedy death. While standing in a filled bathtub, he noticed a broken light bulb. His well-documented obsession with cleanliness and order got the better of him, prompting him to try and fix it. He was accidentally electrocuted.

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