Friday, May 9

Do they have something new?

I was barreling along Route 1 the other morning on my way into work. Suddenly the chick-ee-dee in front of me braked hard and literally stopped.

Literally is a pet peeve. It's usually moot, but in this case it adds weight. She didn't figuratively, hypothetically, or cosmically stop. No. She fucking literally stopped in the fast lane of Route 1.

She then proceeded to make a right across 2 more lanes, so that she could go to the Drive thru' at McDonalds.

Are people so sociopathic that they will cause a multi car pile up, because they prefer an egg McMuffin to a BK croissan'wich?

It's Route 1 for Christ sake. There has to be a fast food joint every 200 yards by State law. I think there are about 28 different places I can get coffee on my drive into work.

Note to all nutjobs. If you miss your turn, just go to the next exit. If you miss the stop for your morning fix of fat in a bun, mix it up and go somewhere else.

Variety, the spice of life, now with extra sprinkles and cinnamon crunch.

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