Tuesday, May 27

Joaquin Cortez of Route 1

Popped into Walgreens tonight for a quick look-see at the various forms of Ibuprofen. I'm carefully reading the labels when I hear an effete Antonio Banderas bitching to his (I'm guessing 2 words here) girl friend.

I look around and it's like all my Christmases came at once. The guy has knee high boots and an Errol Flynn mustache. I tell ya, the guy was good looking, but more than that he was dandy. I imagine his every gesture was accompanied by the riff of a flamenco guitar.

His friend was looking for an allergy medication. Not sure if it was seasonal allergies, or something more dramatic .. like bolero. She had that God awful overly bleached hair look that passes for classy in the less than salubrious parts of Somerville and Medford.

However as he came closer I was puzzled. It smelled like the guy had sprayed a whole can of Ax over himself, which I contend no gay man would be tragic enough to do. As every young virile hispanic stud knows - Ax is for the ladies.

And so my evening returned to normal as I went to look at tupperware and Don Juan de Saugus spun off to aisle 5 to find a cape, with his mucus riddled latina in tow.

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