Saturday, May 24

That New Car Smell

I risked the strip of Route 99 between Everett and Charlestown tonight to get my car washed. Christ that road sucks. It's like Beirut on there.

Anyhow I went to Ride and Shine and got the $25 detail. They have details up to $100, but I'm cheap. Man do they do a job. They vacuum, polish, buff and even use a pneumatic air nozzle to get that squished-in junk food out of the tiny cracks down the side of the seats.

I started out thinking I'd give a $2 tip, moved to a $5, added the original $2 to make $7, and finally pulled out the big guns, and went with an extra $20. They were that good ... in my opinion. The narky old twat in the next bay was checking out his Lexus SUV like it was made of gold. What a douche, giving the wipe-down guy shit for missing a droplet of water on the wheel well.

Ride and Shine, they even have a website - plus I've been singing Rise and Shine by the Cardigans for the last hour.

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