Thursday, June 26

Adjusting my Junk

I added an additional e-mail address at work this week, and I'm still trying to teach my mail app. how to manage junk mail.

I get two types of junk mail.
1.) Offers of discount rates on luxury watches.
2.) Bargain rates on penis extension pills.

Now, I don't want the nice people at Blogger blocking this site (besides my Mother reads this blog), but the penis pill mails seem to be written by either a retarded haiku poet, or the same guy who writes the Nigerian banking fraud faxes.

Some examples:
  • Beef your package up with more inches.
  • A key from her bedroom is in your pants.
  • Get armed with huge love cannon.
  • Gigantic dimension is a great power - Let more blood flow into your tool.
  • Gain more and more self-reliance as your dimension grows!
  • Make your love wand function better.
  • More dimension and vigor for your love tool
  • Get your love gun appreciated at its true value!
  • Your peers will envy your new dimension!
  • More massive love luger.
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