Tuesday, June 3

Guess where I am

That's right folks. Middle of Nowhere, in upstate New York.

To be honest I was expecting to hate it, but the town of Hamilton has pulled me in with its charm. It's one of those sleepy towns, that manages to house both a liberal arts college and a bunch of God fearing puritans.

In no particular order I've seen a deer, a dixie jazz trio, rabbits and a hotel receptionist whose dress went out of fashion in 1847.

That I'm here at all is a miracle considering the GPS unit thought I was in Rockland, Massachusetts for the first 20 minutes of my drive from Syracuse airport.

I always considered this to be the creepy sounding Finger Lakes region, but I'm told it is actually the Leatherstocking region.

Obviously I stand corrected.

Flight here was a delight. A 12 seat prop plane.

In the seat in front of me was a cute College girl, to her right on the other side of the aisle was a Cornell educated plastics salesman who toggled between eye raping the young girl and talking to me about how great his company is doing.

It's my fault of course. I was using my iPhone and reading Wired so he considered me to be "all tech'd up". The hour felt like three, I swear it was like running in sand being chased by someone really boring. At one point I sneezed and wanted to use the line "I'm allergic to twats."

I'm here for a few days of work, and I'm quite looking forward to it.

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