Thursday, June 5

BF, New York

Nice people here but they treat outsiders with a touch of curiosity. During a break from work, went for ice cream at the fantastically named Gilligan's Island.
Went to the counter and said "A scoop of Choc Chip in a cup please" You would think I'd ordered a fish tank and a new set of tires. Also the bastards forgot my sprinkles/jimmies/ants or whatever the hell they call them out here. In England we call them 'hundreds-and-thousands'. So there.

Animal watch: Skunks, a family of chipmunks, dear, eagles. Happily no cougars!

Crazy gas pipe watch: Painted to look like a sandwich.
So I extended my stay to Thursday, and reached the airport for my 5.30pm flight with plenty of time to spare. Went through security stood behind a woman named Autumn. She seemed normal, but her family treated her like an idiot. Maybe it was the first time she had traveled because they kept shouting instructions like, "Walk forward" and "Don't throw your boarding pass away".

Arrived at the gate to be told that because of bad weather the flight was delayed 4 hours. Noticed the college girl from my flight out, she said "Hi". No sign of the eye rapist. Spoke to Anne about the delay, and as I got off the phone the dude next to me started asking me questions about the content of my call. By the third question I said, "Could you at least pretend I was making a private call?" He screwed up his face in a douche-ish manner.

2 hours earlier than expected we boarded the plane bound for Boston. I guess small planes can approach the airport from a different route, because we flew over the North End of Boston at a lower height than the buildings in the financial quarter. Flew over the docks and banked a hard left. Out of the window I could see runway - REAL CLOSE. The plane straightened up and landed at the same time. Top Gun stuff! Strangely quiet as we all held our breath.

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