Sunday, June 8

TW3 (that was the week that was)

Nice Asp
Spotted a woman leant against a store front in Harvard talking to a cop. She looked high as a kite but in a strangely alluring way. As I walked past I noticed she had a brightly colored snake coiled around her wrist and up her arm.

Freak Show

Went to see Lewis Black doing a book promo. In line I'm ashamed to say I could not take my eyes off of the albino Megadeth fan stood before me. Her male companion looked at least 250lb heavier than her, and sported a scar from his ear, past his neck and down under his T-Shirt. Behind me stood 3 ginger kids, who had probably spent about 12 minutes in the sun that day and were therefore the color of a fire engine.

39 women per dude
The ratio in the cinema for Sex and the City on Sunday night

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