Sunday, July 20


Drive Thru Starbucks on Rt1 Northbound
Coming soon - a double edged sword. Their products will take money out of my wallet*, make me fatter and also expose me to yet more morons.

* Speaking of wallets
I ordered a new one 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived.

iPhone 2.0
Finally got around to updating yesterday. Great! I have the "More Cowbell" app. but the iPod freaks out when it tries to play long songs. Considering that I spend most of my commute listening to old radio shows this is thoroughly disappointing. Currently reverting the phone to original factory setting - have v. low expectation of success.

They didn't have my Diet Iced Tea. Bastards!

Kids in Burlington
Hanging out in Nordstrom, checking out the latest Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo clothing. You look about as street as Ryan Seacrest.

The commercial TV station in the UK for so far only making 8 episodes of the excellent Lewis. I'd let a tiny bit of quality control slip for 6 more of these babies.

ABC Golf coverage
1. Stop yapping on and on and on about Tiger Woods. The guy is sipping cocktails with his knee in an ice pack.
2. Shut up about Greg Norman just because he's married to the serial sports groupie Chris Evert.
3. Stop playing Irish music when the tournament is in England.
4. Stop pandering to twattish Brits by referring to it as "The Open Championship", instead call it "the one big event not in the U.S".
5. Fire the guy who keeps on editing together saccharine recaps of past glories - even Hallmark would call this guy cheesy.
6. Stop saying how difficult it is because the wind is blowing. These millionaire pussies need to grow a pair of balls.

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