Thursday, July 24

Happy Belated Wishes

I totally missed the anniversary and birthday of 2 old friends this week.

Adrian got hitched in 1996 only a few months after me. I traveled to many different places with Adrian, who is a pharmacist.

Everywhere we went he would demand that we visit a pharmacy to see what medicines were available over the counter.

He once dragged me into a Tijuana drug store - I'd been tricked into eating some dodgy Mexican food. While he reeled off scientific words with excellent scrabble scores I prowled the upset stomach aisle. Loaded down with fake Rolex and other contraband this was one of only 2 places we could escape those annoying little kids selling candy for loose change. Little bastardos!

The other place was a run-down hotel (are there any other types in Tijuana?) that employed an organist in the lobby. Odd.

Only days later we would eat the greasiest pizza ever in Lake Havasu City, home of the old London Bridge. It rained there as I recall.

Adrian and Elizabeth, Happy Anniversary.


Claire turned thirty-something this week, but because I live in another country and never see her, she will eternally be in her 20s.

Despite a number of boozy evenings with Anne during our 12 years of marriage, I still think I have thrown up more times with Claire than anyone else.
This picture is from her brother Richard's 18th birthday. I was going through an artsy phase of shooting photos in black and white. I think one of us threw up that night too.

Cheers Claire, hope I see you soon!

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