Friday, July 4

How did these guys win?

I'm an Englishman in America on Independence Day, and yet I have to express concern at the current populace.

Wednesday night I went to the cinema to see Wanted. Basically I needed a fix of explosions, gory deaths and car chases (God Bless America for violent movies).

The previews began with some lame Disney trailer starring Taco Bell dogs, and went further downhill with cutie-pie ads for the most PGish of PGs.

One trip out of the theater to check the board and two checks of the R-rated ticket stub later, it was decreed that we were in the wrong movie ... but nobody else noticed. A theater full of people who paid $11 to see atrocious gun violence are laughing at some animated magician.

Finally my movie-going colleague exclaimed. "This is fucking Wall-E", and out we went (again) to tell the Showcase professionals.

A flick of a switch later and we re-entered the theater and I swear nobody was any the wiser.

My thoroughly American friend Beck said, "Americans are so fucking stupid". I replied, "It was mostly people from Revere." Either way, they kicked our ass 200+ years ago, so who's the idiot?

Surely not the guy watching Wanted in Revere on a Wednesday night?

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