Thursday, August 28

Freaking me out

I'm a prepared traveler. I try to get to the airport much earlier than required, and over the years I think I have even won over my last-minute wife Anne.

But early morning flights always pose a problem. I had a 5am out of Boston this morning, and in an effort to give myself a little bit of sleep last night I set the alarm for 3.40.

None the less I woke at 3.30. My 1 minute beauty regime consists of tousling my hair into a different 'just got out of bed and still need a haircut' shape.

Add in the usual wash, dress and working out what books and cables to take, I left the house at 3.50.

On the road I approached the tunnel to get to Logan. Closed. Shit fuck piss!

Long detour later I made it to Logan. Flying US Airways, I headed for the Terminal B parking Lot. Closed. Shit fuck piss 2!

A loop around the airport, I found parking and ran to check in.

Inserted my card, and it comes up with the itinerary of a different Mr Taylor. Stay calm. Ask the assistant. No help. Breathe. Go to bag check-in and try a different angle on the machine. It comes back that I cannot check in to more than 3 flights at one time without assistance.

Desperately ask the bag guy for help, and he tells me it is because I am flying back and forth to Boston with connections all in one day.

"Wow, 4 flights in a day, you love punishment"
, says the US Airways employee of my decision to fly on his crappy airline today.

Finally get 4 boarding passes. "Hmm middle seat, my favorite."

Security goes as you would expect. Your garden variety douchebags who have no idea of the admittedly stupid yet simple rules they need to follow. But whatever.

I'm the last guy on the plane. And whenever I fly, I hate that guy!

PS. I'm in Charlotte, NC on my way to Greenville, SC. They don't appear to sell tissues here. Tampons, Tylenol, laxatives and scrunchies. But no tissues. Odd.

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