Monday, August 25

Dear Editor ...

I've always been fascinated by a person's motivation for writing to a magazine. I guess e-mail makes it easier to fire off a quick note, but back in the day, who was writing letters to magazines about their shitty observations?

I love travel magazines almost as much as I love to travel, and subscribe to 3 and buy another couple each month.

Letters to a Travel magazine tend to fall into 2 distinct buckets.

1. I've been there too

Dear xxx Travel, I read your piece on insert name of quasi-interesting locale, and recalled with joy the 2 days me and my husband spent there in 2002 ....

2. Travel Tips
This is the first section of a Travel magazine I read. It is so wonderfully mundane. This is from this month's Budget Travel.
Who the hell takes a bird on holiday with them? And of this microscopic percentage, how many of the owners have asthma?

Here's another gem.

On a broader level Viz Magazine has ridiculed these idiots with it's Top Tips section for years.

Classics such as: PARENTS. Half a cocktail stick with a blob of nail varnish on the end makes an ideal "safety match" that your children can play without the risk of setting fire to anything.

To quote Jon Hodgman, "That is all."

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